FS Textbook Exchange

FS Textbook Exchange



The cost of textbooks is exorbitant, with the cost for one year surpassing even $1,000. Clearly, this price is too high, and this is where FS Textbook Exchange steps in.

FS Textbook Exchange is an app made for the Friends Seminary community that facilitates the sale of books from one grade to the next. 



This app has numerous benefits that are absent with other sites.

  • A buyer is virtually guaranteed because the same textbooks are used year-to-year. 
  • The competition is lower than a site with thousands of sellers selling the same thing.
  • The price gets lower every year.
  • That the app is only for the community adds integrity to transactions.

How it works

A seller can upload a book to the exchange, where the book lives until somebody purchases it. Once a book is purchased, an email is sent to the seller notifying that the book has been bought. Then, the buyer and seller communicate over email to set up the exchange.